The mob organized by media strategist, Clarence Moriwaki, had its work cut out for it. Rynearson's only "crime" was offering civil criticism of a powerful Democrat who is treated like an untouchable made man on our island. In typical mobster fashion, Mr. Moriwaki's mob included people in powerful places including Washington state Senator Christine Rolfles and Judge Sara McCulloch, among others. In standard fascist fashion, the effort utilized not only corrupt government actors and multiple contacts to the local police department with tales of Rynearson being a danger and requests to consider arresting him, but Moriwaki's effort also included Mussolini-Black-Shirt-esque street thugs (and "antifa" operatives) to attack Rynearson's reputation through a defamation campaign, while attempting to leverage that defamation to secure government force against him.

The result of these efforts against a person of Rynearson's character led to increasingly bizzare claims, with the latest being Moriwaki's police report filed against Rynearson because Moriwaki found his cheese slicer in a pot in his kitchen.

In this odd PR campaign, anything Rynearson did in his past, no matter how noble or how irrelevant to Bainbridge Island or Moriwaki, was touted as a negative indicator against Rynearson. This included Rynearson risking his military career by refusing to assassinate an American citizen without charge or trial, his unlawful arrest as a police abuse accountability activist, his ACLU supported effort to reform the Border Patrol's unconstitutional checkpoint practices and even the security cameras on his vehicle were decried as somehow a threat to Moriwaki. Indeed, in the ultimate indicator of just how bizarre Moriwaki's mob campaign was, Rynearson's very civility itself was used as evidence that he may be a "polite troll" or a "sea lion" as his politeness and articulateness and his emphasis on evidence for claims were seen as a ploy. The real and only actual transgression was daring to criticize those above criticism on our island.

The measure of success Moriwaki's PR campaign achieved despite the facts being entirely against him, however, demonstrates the machine of hatred on our island and the limited value of truth in our community. On this page we will detail the strategy used to suppress media coverage of Moriwaki's fascist actions, and used to assassinate the character of Richard Rynearson resulting in death threats and islanders labeling Rynearson a terrorist, a sociopath, and a criminal. This page will seek to demonstrate the significant damage caused to Rynearson through the efforts of Clarence Moriwaki & supporters. Defamation will not be addressed here although it is sizable, as that damage may be examined in other processes.

Sadly, thanks to the successful campaign by Clarence Moriwaki, an islander supported by the ACLU of Washington and a decorated military officer with a record of defending the rights of American citizens was repeatedly labeled a terrorist, a sociopath, a criminal, a monster, a lurking threat owning a weapons "cache" requiring security for Mr. Moriwaki, and described as a physical danger to those on the island.

All without even a hint of evidence.

Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes

Bonnie McBryan, owner of the Eagle Harbor Inn and viciously dishonest Moriwaki supporter, makes false claims documented above about Rynearson's civil post on her Facebook wall. McBryan recommended Clarence Moriwaki call the police on Rynearson for his speech, making the transparently dishonest argument that Rynearson's speech was "threatening." A fascist thug to the end, Bonnie McBryan maintains her dishonest account to Bainbridge Island neighbors despite her narrative contradicting her account she supplied to the Bainbridge Island Police Department

"The Reality to Be Obfuscated Through Organized Effort of Lies & Fear"

Clarence Moriwaki Richard Rynearson
Clarence Moriwaki Richard Rynearson
    Supported politicians who made indefinite detention legal
    Criticized politicians who made indefinite detention legal
    Invited a politician who legalized indefinite detention to give keynote speech at memorial
    Was not allowed to attend due to government excluding him at Moriwaki's request
    Was publicly silent on indefinite detention law
    Publicly criticized indefinite detention law from day one
    Described indefinite detention law as similar to girlfriend liking "sappy movies"
    Described indefinite detention law as the new Executive Order 9066
    Was publicly silent on 5176
    Equated refusing to violate the Fifth Amendment rights of a citizen as being "anti-government"
    Risked a pension for life by refusing to assassinate an American without charge or trial
    Equated suing Border Patrol over suspicionless checkpoint stop not on the border as being "anti-government"
    Sued the Border Patrol for Fourth Amendment violation at suspicionless checkpoints near the border
    Described advocacy for the Second Amendment as "anti-government"
    Advocated for all rights in the Bill of Rights including the right to keep and bear arms
    Described Rynearson's police abuse activism as "anti-police"
    Advocated against police abuse and against equating all police as abusers
    Claimed Rynearson's criticism of him was "cyberstalking"
    Supported by the ACLU of Washington in lawsuit over criticism being protected speech, not "cyberstalking"
    Attempted to have Rynearson arrested for criticizing him
    Fled his home to avoid Moriwaki's lies leading to his arrest
    Claimed without evidence that Rynearson wouldn't stop contacting him
    Court ruled Rynearson never contacted Moriwaki after he asked him to stop
    Provably lied to two judges
    Told the truth to two judges
    Used social media to like calls for Rynearson's death
    Used social media to express need for speech rather than violence
    Lost in Moriwaki v. Rynearson
    Won in Moriwaki v. Rynearson
    Anti-speech argument failed in Rynearson v. Ferguson
    Won in Rynearson v. Ferguson

Clarence Moriwaki's Organized Mob

Clarence Moriwaki's lies cost taxpayers money

Who Were the Main Players? How High Did The Demonization Effort Go? How Many Laws Were Broken? To Be Continued...

Shannon Evans' Intense Defamation Focused on Rynearson's Military Career

Shannon Evans Gets in Touch with Brandon Bryant (An Anti-Rynearson Veteran Who Says in Videos He Would be Justified in Going on a Bloody Killing Spree and Can't Wait for Humanity to Die)

Ali Perry calls police on neighbor for a non-crime with no evidence

Multiple Death Threats

Tres Cozine threat

Text message from Richard Rynearson's mother from Saturday, 2 March 2019

Tres Cozine's unceasing phone threats

Video Above is Moriwaki Supporter & Convicted Felon Tres Cozine's Threats to Rynearson (Not His Phone Threats Left on His Parents' Answering Machine Which Are Not Public At This Time)

Response to Nicole Starr-Gall

Death Threats Tweeted from Impersonation Accounts

Ali Perry, who publicly liked a call for Rynearson's death along with Clarence Moriwaki, and who filed a false police report against Rynearson claiming threats and harassment without any evidence, makes light of the multiple death threats to Rynearson.

The mob successfully got YouTube to remove the video of Tres Cozine's phone message threats (shown embedded above). Apparently YouTube wants to protect the privacy of those who leave unwanted threatening phone messages to others. Days later, Vimeo also followed suit taking down the video. As a result of this new attempt to silence our speech, we have decided to make the public documents (from just one of Mr. Cozine's many convictions) available here so that others may learn of how Tres Cozine beat his (then) girlfriend with a bat and sent her to the emergency room after a heated argument (you know, speech he didn't like).

Those public court and police documents can be viewed here. Given the Vimeo account takedown, we will soon be releasing further information on Mr. Cozine's other convictions.

Should Mr. Cozine persist in his efforts to silence us for our criticisms of his friend Mr. Moriwaki, rather than wise up to how he is being used by people with money and power to do their dirty work for him as they consider him expendable, not only will his efforts fail him but we will also increase our speech efforts to discuss Mr. Cozine.

Defamatory Claims From Houston Wade Paint Rynearson As Threatening & Violent Without Evidence & Contrary to Judge McCulloch's Own Ruling & Link Rynearson To Anonymous Accounts Without Evidence

Tres Cozine, Ali Perry, Houston Wade (a prolific defamer who literally makes up lies from whole cloth and is currently being sued for defamation by somebody other than Rynearson) and other members of Moriwaki's mob have been spreading defamation and continuing their demonization efforts against Rynearson on the local ANTIFA page and have also created a Facebook page dubbed "Keeping Tabs on Richard Lee Rynearson" where they continue their campaign. John Haydon and Bonnie McBryan normally keep a more low key role in the effort behind the scenes, but have been key actors in the mob campaign. Ms. McBryan is known as a shrewd crybully on our island who seeks to bludgeon anybody who stands in her way with allegation and claim of threat delivered with some performances competing with Mr. Cozine for the displayed level of emotional instability.

Moriwaki's Second Police Report Alleging Home Break-In Referenced By Houston Wade Above

Violence is the exact wrong answer. It's wrong when Clarence Moriwaki publicly likes calls for Rynearson's death by his friends, it's wrong when his supporters make death threats, it's wrong when his supporters leave unwanted phone threats. And it's also wrong when random strangers on Gab suggest violence which is why Rynearson "of course" corrected them. It's unfortunate nobody is publicly correcting Mr. Moriwaki for his comments though...

Moriwaki Fabricates a Claim of Violation and Requests Police Consider Arresting Rynearson

Ali Perry Files Police Report on Rynearson Alleging Harassment Without Evidence

Eagle Harbor Inn owner Bonnie McBryan and Shannon Evans go to the Bainbridge Island police

The fascists had limited and temporary success getting corrupt government to silence Rynearson's civil criticism (the primary characteristic of actual fascism) but were successful in getting Blogger (a Google company) to take down a blog post detailing the connection between fascists in uniform and these new antifa social justice warrior variety fascist. So for those wishing to see the connection between Alaska Airlines pilot, Daniel Tarleton, and Brandon Bryant with these Bainbridge Island antifa types, you can now visit this part of our web page dedicated to them as reward for the effort to silence us.

Bonnie McBryan, Ali Perry, and Shannon Evans go to BIPD to complain about Rynearson for harmless anonymous speech online and then share this photo to public social media. Ali Perry, like Tres Cozine and Clarence Moriwaki, claims a "threat" from Rynearson but declines to present any evidence whatsoever of a threat. Bonnie McBryan's claimed threat from Rynearson's harmless mention of Clarence's analogy remains the only (transparently manufactured and court debunked) "threat" to date. All the while Ali Perry, Clarence Moriwaki, and Bonnie McBryan are utterly silent about their friend Tres Cozine leaving repeated phone threats to Rynearson and his parents who live across the country. There is no rebuke of Moriwaki and Ali Perry liking calls for Rynearson's death, but the manufactured claim that Rynearson threatened somebody persists and continues to make its way into police reports. And, of course, the mob has declined to share a single shred of evidence, screenshots, or any support whatsoever on our uncensored forum on this website. The reason is simple. They are liars from start to finish.

Of course Ali Perry doesn't want us talking about her false statements made to the BIPD or sharing her celebratory photo after the fact, and she unsuccessfully tried to get our fair use discussion pulled. GoDaddy gave Ms. Perry time to file suit and provide them with proof she had done so, but Ms. Perry wisely chose not to file suit and our content remains.

Clarence Moriwaki, Ali Perry, and John Haydon link up with a supporter of Antifa violence known as Rachael Kentner who picks up the baton...

Godwin's Law Means Nothing in the Face of History Repeating: Fascism Rules Bainbridge Island