This page exists as a warning to those considering a vacation stay at the Arrow Point Guest House on our Bainbridge Island, located at 10159 Arrow Point Drive.

Media is increasingly filled with tragic stories of those who rented from AirBnB and who had a stay far worse than a bad rating could communicate. While we have no evidence of anything bad happening at the Arrow Point Guest House, we would invite prospective guests to consider the mental state of its owner.

John Haydon owns the Arrow Point Guest House and he is, simply put, as creepy as creepy gets.

John Haydon is a well known obsessive and vindictive troll on our island who takes great pains to target neighbors. He has been blocked by people across the political spectrum for his antics. Haydon appears to relish the creepy troll persona. His Facebook avatar is of a trollish creature and he publicly shares his creepy "art" demonstrating this same theme.

John Haydon's friends include a convicted felon who beat his girlfriend with a bat after she disengaged from a heated argument, striking her multiple times including in the head, and sending her to the emergency room who was found by responding police hiding under blankets in the closet. Haydon also socializes with several other unsavory characters on our island.

Prospective tenants should think twice about staying at the Arrow Point Guest House owned by one of the creepiest neighbors to ever live on our Bainbridge Island.