Various media reports are shown on the left & on the right is a list of documents & court audio/video including the completed litigation in Moriwaki v. Rynearson, the federal court ruling striking down the Washington State cyberstalking law as unconstitutional in Rynearson v. Ferguson, and other documents.

What has yet to be documented anywhere (despite a breathtaking organized effort) is Rynearson breaking a single law or behaving badly. Indeed from the beginning, Rynearson's unflinching civility itself has been identified as a propaganda tactic with him described as a "polite troll" or as a "sea lion." Still, evidence has proven wholly unrequired in the face of the effigy provided to the mob by Mr. Moriwaki.

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Most Recent Docs

ACLU of Washington Brief in Support of Rynearson

Federal Court Rules Law Unconstitutional

Rynearson v. Ferguson: Court Rules for Rynearson

Moriwaki v. Rynearson: Court Rules for Rynearson

Kitsap County Superior Court

Kitsap County Superior Court Reconsiders & Rules Again for Rynearson

Clarence Moriwaki's Motion for Court to Reconsider Ruling Against Him

Moriwaki v. Rynearson: Rynearson Wins

Moriwaki's Proposed Findings & Conclusions

Rynearson's Proposed Findings & Conclusions

Transcript of Kitsap County Superior Court Appeal Oral Argument

Moriwaki Response Brief

Rynearson Appeal Brief to Kitsap County Superior Court

Bainbridge Island Municipal Court

Bainbridge Judge Sara McCulloch Dismisses Her Unconstitutional Order

Permanent Protection Order Granted by Judge Sara McCulloch

Final Protection Order Hearing - Judge Sara McCulloch Grants Permanent Protection Order

Rynearson's Response Brief to Judge Sara McCulloch

Judge McCulloch Requests Extra Police for Court Hearing Due to Crowd

Prosecutor Writes Sara McCulloch Does Not Have Authority

Judge McCulloch Refuses to Censor Use of Moriwaki's Name Completely

Judge McCulloch Disarms Rynearson & Expands Physical Exclusion

Clarence Moriwaki Requests Judge McCulloch Confiscate Rynearson's Firearms & Expand Exclusion

Moriwaki's Temporary Protection Order

Moriwaki Seeks & Gets Temp Order from Judge Sara McCulloch


Court Exhibit of Public Social Media at Issue

Judge Sara McCulloch Files Police Report Against Rynearson, Prosecutor Declines to Prosecute Says "Suspect Did Not Commit the Crime"

Ali Perry Files Police Report Against Rynearson Alleging Harassment

Clarence Moriwaki Emails to Bainbridge Island Police

Attorney Letter to Clarence Moriwaki Requesting Correction of Defamation

Clarence Moriwaki Organized Mob Effort
Rynearson v. Ferguson: Federal Suit That Restored First Amendment to All Washingtonians

Rynearson v. Ferguson Court Filings

Rynearson Appeal Oral Argument at Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals