In the Beginning

Summer 2006

Rynearson & wife visit Bainbridge Island for the first time & learn of the history

31 October 2006

Rynearson & wife purchase property in Poulsbo (but do not yet live in Washington)

August 2011

Rynearson & wife purchase condo on Bainbridge Island, visit History Museum, and first learn of Clarence Moriwaki (but do not yet live in Washington)

October 2011

Maj Rynearson resigns his military commission rather than assassinate an American citizen without charge or trial & thus violate the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution

March 2012

Rynearson starts "Military Times" poll asking other military individuals if they are ready to refuse to do as soldiers did during internment of Japanese Americans

September 2012

The United States Air Force finds that Rynearson's reprimands (including for refusing to assassinate an American citizen) are due to Maj Rynearson being "fully aware of the US Constitution"

November 2014

Rynearson's blog post links to an article from the Seattle Pi (and that article mentions Moriwaki in a positive light)

7 November 2015

Rynearson shares a Moriwaki podcast (in a positive light) on a military social media page

1 January 2016

Rynearson shares a BIJAEM video (in a positive light)

Moving to Bainbridge Island to Start a New Life

19 July 2016

Rynearson & wife move into condo on Bainbridge Island

1 October 2016

Major Rynearson officially retires from the military

20 November 2016

Rynearson first messages Moriwaki on FB and Moriwaki accepts Friend Request


14 December 2016

Moriwaki messages Rynearson his unsolicited phone number and invitation to meet for beer or coffee

Audio of Moriwaki misleading Judge Sara McCulloch on how Rynearson got his number

8 January 2017

Rynearson briefly chats with Moriwaki at Mochi Tsuki Festival at Island Wood


5 February 2017

Rynearson Creates "Not Clarence Moriwaki of Bainbridge Island" (NCMBI) Facebook Page that criticizes Moriwaki for:

  • Vocally supporting politicians who voted for/signed into law power of president to use military to indefinitely imprison American citizens in America without charge or trial in military prisons
  • Remaining publicly silent about that law voted for by Jay Inslee & signed by President Obama
  • Refusing to publicly support SB 5176 that would make it a crime for Washington officials to cooperate with the federal government using that power to round up Americans & legal aliens in our State
  • Using the BIJAEM platform in a partisan fashion



February 2017

Keith Brofsky demands Rynearson take the page down else Facebook will do it for him.


10 January 2018

Kitsap County Superior Court Reverses & Vacates Judge Sara McCulloch's Protection Order as a Violation of the First Amendment and rules:

    Rynearson did not physically stalk Moriwaki (was not outside his home)
    Rynearson's speech was not defamatory or fraudulent and was protected free speech
    Rynearson did not stalk or cyberstalk or harass Moriwaki
    Clarence Moriwaki is a limited purpose public figure

5 February 2018

Kitsap County Superior Court Rejects Moriwaki's Motion for Reconsideration and states:

    Clarence Moriwaki is a public figure
    Even if Moriwaki were not a public figure, Rynearson's speech would still be protected free speech