19 July 2016

Rynearson Moves Into His Condo on Bainbridge Island

5 February 2017

Rynearson Creates "Not Clarence Moriwaki of Bainbridge Island" (NCMBI) Facebook Page that criticizes Moriwaki for:

  • Vocally supporting politicians who voted for/signed into law power of president to use military to indefinitely imprison American citizens in America without charge or trial in military prisons
  • Remaining publicly silent about that law voted for by Jay Inslee & signed by President Obama
  • Refusing to publicly support SB 5176 that would make it a crime for Washington officials to cooperate with the federal government using that power to round up Americans & legal aliens in our State
  • Using the BIJAEM platform in a partisan fashion



February 2017

Keith Brofsky demands Rynearson take the page down else Facebook will do it for him.